Tour Guitar

The "Tour Guitar"
This guitar was sent out to prospective clients early on so that they could try a Schroeder Guitar before placing an order. After traveling all over the US and through Europe, the original "Tour Guitar" has been retired. Jason plays it regularly as his #1 gigging guitar.



“After about two seconds of playing it felt as if the neck was like an old baseball glove of mine. Everywhere up and down the neck just seemed to be ‘right’. The neck is simply fabulous.”
“The carve is second to none, and baffles me that it is done by hand.”
“Finish work is fantastic.” 
“You can tell every aspect of this instrument was thought of from a playing perspective. In general you can tell Jason is the type of builder who really interacts with an instrument when building it rather than only working to pretty it up.” 
-Michael, Kansas

“It's SUPER resonant! It's a Serene Machine!!!”
-Tony, Illinois


“The guitar itself is stunning and is a sight to see upon opening the tweed case. What impressed me the most was the look of the limba back and how beautifully it mates to the maple top with the binding. The finish work is simply first rate and I knew right away I had made the right choices. Ah, the neck! Really feels "right" in my hand. Notes articulate beautifully and sound crisp and clear. Sounds great through both clean and gain channel of my Zinky Blue Velvet.”
-John, New York

“It is a fantastic guitar. Fit, finish and feel are exactly what you would expect from a guitar of this caliber. It is hard to believe this guitar came from a hammer and chisel! The case is too cool, it really does look like a piece of luggage. “
-Shad, Pennsylvania

“The guitar is amazingly well made. All of the lines are very clean and the fretwork is superb. It shocks me that this guitar was made entirely by hand...kudos Jason. At rehearsal last night this thing was a monster, it snarled and growled with the best of them and the guitar absolutely sang on single note lines. I absolutely loved the tone this thing was spitting out. I have completely rethought my stance on rosewood necks because of this guitar. “

“I have owned most of the big boys. Heatley, Mcnaught, Mcinturff, Huber, Hamer USA, Baker, etc. The Schroeder is right up there with them, at a price that is very appealing. Overall, the guitar is a home run. So much so, that I will be calling Jason this week to get his opinion on a rosewood neck for my guitar. Great job Jason, this guitar smokes!!!”
-Rob, Pennsylvania

“I love this guitar. I WANT TO BUY IT WHEN THE TOUR IS's that?”
-Tommy, New York


“Open the case and POW. The pics Jason posted didn’t do it justice. Just gorgeous soft quilt. Beautiful stain work with no bleed-through. The neck is so perfectly shaped, it ís quite amazing there are no computerized machines involved. The guitar is gorgeous. I know it sounds corny, but it has the “old T-shirt” feel to it. This guitar was just grab and go. The neck just felt very familiar, very comfortable right away. The fretwork is perfect. No overhang, no short fret gaps."
“The TOUR resonates and chimes real well. While I was talking to [a friend] on the phone, I put the phone on my desk and just started strumming some open chords. First he asked if it was plugged in, I said no. Then he asked if it is semi-hollow, I told him, not only is it not semi-hollow, it doesn’t even have a trem cavity. Sounds great unplugged!”
“Looking at the TOUR guitar as an example of Jason’s work, I’m blown away. I couldn’t be happier that I chose Jason to build me a guitar.”
-Stu, New Jersey

”It waaaaay exceeded my expectations, looks absolutely great.“
-Matt, Pennsylvania

“Punchy, clear and articulate are the adjectives that first come to mind, followed by ballsy. Overall, it sounded better -- more rounded, complex and multi-dimensional, if that makes sense -- to me than the '89 PRS Custom 24.”
-Kurt, New York

“Got the Tour Guitar today, WOW!!!! Warm sounds with the volume and tone rolled off a bit, creamy and perfect. Dime it and she will get as nasty as I want. Your neck carve is simply amazing. By the way, your fretwork is beautifully smooth all the way down the edge. Top carve, stunning. I am beyond belief at how deep the top carve gets towards the binding and then "flips" back up to create a lip, wonderful. Wonderful and a pleasure. When do I have to give it up?! :)”
-Robert, New Jersey